Star Wars: Armada token tray

After seeing a few different 3D-printed trays for pieces to the Star Wars: Armada strategy game, I printed one and quickly realized there were some things I to tweak about other people's designs. They took up too much space or didn't make good use of the space they occupied.  

V2.5 printed at  Makerspace Urbana

V2.5 printed at Makerspace Urbana

The above photo was posted to the Fantasy Flight forums for feedback. The two big pieces of feedback were to cut down on the space more and to consider where upgrade and damage cards could be placed. A lot of people asked for space to put upgrade and damage cards, and I think I'm making a personal call on not including those for now.

Version 4 - slightly different configuration that uses less material

Version 4 - slightly different configuration that uses less material

In addition to those changes, I need to borrow someone's alternative ship art card and ship card protective sleeves to make sure all the dimensions are good and two different orientations work. 


Since I've gotten a lot of requests to buy one, I've begun exploring manufacturing. Shapeways is a place you can upload 3D models and sell things as a product, but the price is a bit steep in my opinion. Printing them myself would take a lot of time. That means looking for short run plastic molding. Unfortunately that might not be a lot cheaper than Shapeways, but it would be a good experience to get as someone interested in sometimes turning prototypes into real things. 

We'll see where this goes.