Making better lighting for my workbench

So I don't have very good lighting available for my workbench. I have a really bright standing CFL light off to the side, but it doesn't give good distributed light. I could buy a heavy fluorescent light, but why not make something that gives me more control? My plan is to get a strip of Neopixels, another Arduino-type board, and a rotary encoder. A rotary encoder is a knob that can be used to input position and speed. With that capability, I'll have the ability to control whether all the lights are on, all the lights are off, and whether a portion of lights are on including where the lights are on.

While prototyping this workbench lighting system tonight, I decided to use my ESP8266 Thing from SparkFun as well as a new full-size, solderless bread board. I learned that the power rails on the top half do not connect to the bottom half. That one took a bit to figure out, including some accidental connections.