Reducing the cost of products printed at Shapeways

Today's lesson in 3D printing was that it really does make a difference to reduce the amount of material in a model for production at Shapeways. While I'm uncertain that I like the aesthetic, I was able to reduce the cost of the Armada ship tray to less than $20 by removing as lot of non-critical components. The part that is under the ship card? Gone. Round the corners? Looks great! Every bit that reduces the time and material seems to make a difference in the cost. I don't think there's any more I can remove, but it is at least now in a range that I'm comfortable with selling on Shapeways. I'll print a prototype at the Makerspace this week and see if I still like the overall look and feel. Once my card sleeves arrive, I'll be able to finalize the design and start selling.