Tracking damage in Star Wars Armada

Star Wars Armada uses cards to keep track of damage to the ships. When your Star Destroyer loses its shields and starts taking hull damage, a damage card is dealt to it. A ship is destroyed when it has damage cards equal to its hull value. These cards can be face up or face down depending on various other effects. Face up damage cards have additional effects like hampering engines or reduced how well your turbolasers can shoot.

Cutaway view from the side

The tracker uses slots that alternatively offset from each other. As damage cards are added, lower numbers are hidden by the cards inserted into tracker's slots. The total damage cards in the tracker are quickly known by seeing the lowest number visible. The slots are on an angle that keeps the backs from being easily visible. This is important because the text on damage dealt face down is supposed to be kept secret.

Due to the amount of empty space in this model, I am having to create voids to cut down its print time and cost. This may end up being one of the models I give away for free.