Projects I've got stewing right now

While I haven't made an update here in a week or so, I have multiple projects sitting and ready for more work.

Robot control via voice recognition

This project is related to the BB-8 clone being made by a group of people at Makerspace Urbana. I volunteered to take on some voice activated controls using an EasyVR shield from VeeaR. When I first soldered it all together, I was able to test it successfully. I have written some pseudocode for how I want to do voice commands, but I need to make some time to do the work.

Star Wars Armada accessories

The damage tracker is done with some very minor tweaks that I need to print to be sure. My next effort will be an add-on for upgrade cards with the ship tray. I have a few designs that I'm kicking around, but nothing that makes me completely happy aesthetically. After that is complete, my next idea is to create some alternate ship stands for the bases. The default ship stands all have the ships flying straight and level. Space ships should be maneuvering!

Workbench lighting

I really, really like my workbench lighting. Besides dance party mode, I have now added a mode for a slowly changing color wheel. It is very relaxing as the lights transition across my bench.

Maaaaybe a drone from scratch

I am still undecided, but I think I want to build a drone this spring and summer from scratch. It needs to happen after the BB-217 project is complete, but I think it is something I can finish in time for a big family reunion this summer.