Still got the maker high even from a bad Arduino clone

Sometimes making doesn't go as planned ( Image by Edmund Yeo, Flickr )

Sometimes making doesn't go as planned (Image by Edmund Yeo, Flickr)

Last night I decided to spend time working on fixing a bad Arduino clone board from SainSmart. One of the boards I bought for the Arduino workshop at Makerspace Urbana was bad out of the box and would not appear on USB. I did an RMA for it, but the local UPS store doesn't line up with my schedule. Rather than just toss it, I decided to see if I could fix it. 

So far, I've failed to repair it. But the time spent still made me feel good. 

Since realizing that it still felt good, I started to think about why I might feel that way. Maybe it is because I still did something physical: the reset switch seemed stuck, so I desoldered and removed it. Maybe it is because I was trying different command line tools to try to program the USB chip. Maybe it was because it was just not giving up and learning something new. 

In the end, even failed making is rewarding.