Workbench Lighting System

The room of our house that we are turning into a makerspace does not have very good lighting in the evening. During the day, there is a lot of sunlight due to a large window on the west side of the house, but the room's lighting leaves a lot to be desired at night. To address this problem, I created a system to control lighting on my workbench.

The system combines a microcontroller, an LED strip, and a rotary encoder switch. The system has three modes: all lights on, spotlight, and dance party. With all the lights on, the rotary encoder controls brightness. In spotlight mode, only a portion of the strip is lit, and the rotary encoder controls the position of the spotlight. Dance party mode is just a fun variation of a screen saver.

Key Components

Adafruit Metro ($14.95)
Adafruit Neopixels ($26.95)
Rotary encoder ($4.50)

Get the code and make your own

Download the code: